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Steven C. Barr stevenc at interlinks.net
Thu Apr 14 19:56:06 PDT 2011

From: "Julian Vein" <julianvein at blueyonder.co.uk>
> agp wrote:
>> As to the poaching from black artists, I recall a comment made by
>> Fats Domino about the fact that Pat Boone bested him in the charts
>> with covers of his stuff. Fats held up his hand and displayed a large
>> diamond ring and commented to the effect, thank to him (Pat Boone), I
>> have this.
>> T
>> _______________________________________________
> Composers only have to write a song once. Musicians have to perform it
> every night!
> But a few of us, like myself, are both performers and composers...!
It would be great (though highly unlikely...?!) if either someone else could
score a hit usung one of my tunes,,,or if *I* could...?!

Steven C. Barr 

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