[78-L] The cylinder is coming back

DanKj MLK402 at verizon.net
Mon Apr 11 23:57:27 PDT 2011

 "New Old Stock Edison cylinder blanks"?  100 year old 'wax' must be a 
lousy, brittle recording medium.  Someone should put them in touch with 
Shawn Borri for new material. I think that the next time he offers a dozen 
blanks, I'm going to blow the money just to have a work of industrial art.

 Their "One Take and That's It!" process obviously depends on them being 
MUCH less picky than the Edison, Victor, etc people 100 years ago, when 
"play it ONCE as loud as you can" would never have sufficed.  I think that 
modern expectations are so low that any noise, recorded acoustically, seems 
miraculous and wonderful.

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Real vintage analog rules at Catherine North

Artists who are seeking the ‘ultimate vintage analog recording experience’ 
now be able to take advantage of Catherine North Studios’ exclusive new
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 “You just basically position your musicians around the recording horn, get 
them to
play the song as loudly as they can, and you’re done. My upcoming EP, Wax 

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