[78-L] Radiola 78rpm disc

Julian Vein julianvein at blueyonder.co.uk
Sun Mar 6 13:21:12 PST 2011

Kristjan Saag wrote:
> Hello, I've come across a few European Dance/Jazz 78's.  Some are 
> unknown to me. Can anyone please provide information on the following 
> ten-inch disc ?
> Radiola RI2086
> I've got Rhythm / After You've Gone
> Both, it would appear, played by Heffer Pal and Swing Quintet.  From the 
> cardboard sleeve adverting Fona Radio, I presume its origins could be 
> Danish and that Heffer Pal is the leader ?.
> --
> Not Danish - Hungarian. And the band leader is Herrer, not Heffer. 
> (First name Pál - in Hungarian the family name is always written first)
> Here's the rest:
> Herrer Pál és swing quintettje:
> Pál HERRER (acc), Gábor RADICS (viol), prob. Jeno" "Bubi" BEAMTER (vib), 
> Erno" VÉCSEY (p, celesta-1), Sándor HORVÁTH (g), József SCHLOTTHAUER 
> (b), Árpád "Api" WEISZ (dr)
> Radiola Studio, Budapest, Hungary, 1943
> 1684-1 After You've Gone     Radiola Super (H) RI 2086 (78),
> Pannon Jazz (H) PJ 1013 (CD)
> Kristjan
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Lord 10.0 lists three sessions with him on, but not this one.

      Julian Vein

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