[78-L] Ormandy records

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Best classical artist name on Cameo:  Licco Liggi.

Best "classical" record I've heard on Cameo:  Kreisler's Tambourine Chinoise 
as played by Lou Raderman...GOOD STUFF!   Even Fritz would have approved,  I 


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> Ormany a pupil of Hubay, cut several sides for the Okay and Lincoln
> labels, two for each which I have. I have never come across a Brunswick
> do you have any details?
> These may also have been issued on Cameo.
> Cheniston K Roland
> Violin Historian
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> I only saw the record once and that was several years ago.  Now that you 
> mention
> it, I believe the record was on the Cameo label.
> db
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