[78-L] Amalgamated Broadcasting System

David Lennick dlennick at sympatico.ca
Thu Feb 3 19:54:33 PST 2011

Does the Amalgamated Broadcating System inaugural program exist in a decent 
transfer? I'm suffering through a cassette copy that Radio Yesteryear put out 
and which I got from someone on this list (Angus? Simmons?) and apart from the 
fact that it's some of the worst radio I've ever heard, airchecked on what must 
be uncoated aluminums that seem to run about two minutes a side, I'm just 
wondering if I'm wasting my time if it exists in something like tolerable sound.

(No intention of doing any restoration on this thing, I'm just getting it out 
of the way because I promised a copy. I certainly never want to hear it again. 
I doubt that too many did in 1933.)


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