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2012 goes along with Global warming nice theories but short sighted  
explanations of phenomena that occurs on a regular basis talk to a knowledgeable  
geologist and the proof is in the record ( no pun intended)
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Nope,  it's the Christian  one:


But this source also  says that the world doesn't go kerflooey til 
10/21/11, so there's plenty of  time to listen to the records we "inherit."

On Feb 3, 2011, at 8:27  AM, Malcolm Rockwell <malcolm at 78data.com> wrote:

> That would  be the Aztec rapture, right?
> Bah.
> Mal
>  *******
> On 2/3/2011 5:49 AM, buster wrote:
>> Well,  since "The Rapture" is scheduled to happen on May 21, 2011, it's 
happening for  some of us sooner than later. This is when all Christian 
faithful are set to  ascend to heaven, leaving the earth to the rest of us. Me, 
I'll be waiting,  with a big truck, in Spring TX.
>> Of course the earth  is supposed to be destroyed at the same time, so 
perhaps this is all  moot.
>> On Feb 3, 2011, at 1:26 AM, Julian  Vein<julianvein at blueyonder.com wrote:
>>> Taylor  Bowie wrote:
>>>>> I still think that in about 50 years or  so, the last surviving 78
>>>>>  collector
>>>>> will inherit (or be stuck with...?!) ALL the  remaining 78 
>>>>> One wonders what part of  "ALL 78's ever issued" will be included
>>>>>  therein...?!
>>>>> Steven C.  Barr
>>>>  Steven,
>>>> I think it's more likely that  in 50 years you will be 100+ and you 
>>>> still be telling  all the 78 collectors,  many of whom have yet to be  
>>>> that the end days are upon us.
>>>> Taylor
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>>> The 78ers'  "End Time" will be the last spin at the Last Chance Saloon.
>>>  Once the last 78 has been spun, the Sun might as well engulf  us.
>>>      Julian Vein
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