[78-L] Not only Robert Johnson, but the ODJB and Satchmo..

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Last night I was digging through the shelves looking for Gershwin tunes and turned up "The Babbit and the Bromide" by Danny Kaye - Columbia 36584 - (Ty's site shows 1/??/42) so this has to be one of the early multi-speed-dub items.  
If you're not familiar with the bit, he does a series of conversations between two guys - a high voice and a low voice - and he seems well-equipped to handle that on his own.  But - the last chorus is obviously a sped-up recording of his voice doing just that, only higher and faster.  
When I geared that section back to 58, it sounded about normal, but perhaps not quite.  To gear anything else back to 58 is ludicrous, so I won’t waste the time to comment on that, but I do have to ask how Columbia did that.  Were their turntables infinitely variable, or did they have to pick the standard 33 and 78 and keep altering between the two to get the desired effect??  Was this before or after Make Mine Music?  Disney did that so it was on film, yes?  Would Columbia have used film??

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Yes friends, your calendar is correct, it's February 1st and not April 1st. But 
that doesn't stop anyone.


Same argument as was made for playing your Robert Johnsons slow. Have fun.


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