[78-L] Best used turntable types for cleaning?

Jeff Lichtman jeff at swazoo.com
Thu Feb 3 00:15:36 PST 2011

>I'm looking for a used turntable for spinning records for cleaning  purposes.

A few thoughts: I assume you will use this turntable only for 
cleaning (i.e. not for playing). What you need is torque, not speed. 
So don't worry about whether the turntable has a 78 speed - you won't need it.

The platter has to keep turning even while you're pressing down on 
the record surface with a cleaning brush. As such, I'd stay away from 
a belt drive turntable, as the belt can slip. Direct drive is 
probably best for torque. An idler-wheel turntable would probably be cheapest.

Have you considered buying a record cleaning machine? Most of these 
do vacuum removal of the cleaning fluid, which saves a lot of time 
and gives better results (in my opinion).

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