[78-L] Robert Johnson /Muddy Waters?

Steven C. Barr stevenc at interlinks.net
Wed Feb 2 20:26:13 PST 2011

From: <CelticGuitar666 at aol.com>
>A few years ago they were a few hundred or less but I couldn't  convince
> myself they would be worth more and didn't buy bought the CD's instead 
> but
> now I would have snapped them up because of my increased passion for life 
> at
> 78 rpm and recorded them on CD. Interesting though all the songs on the 
> cd's
> I  have sound like they came from 78's which would be natural of course
> How are Muddy Water disc's going for these days? I have a couple  of those
> Dwight
I would guess around $10 each? 20-some years ago, I used to buy blues 78's
from an auction list that specialized in c&w stuff...but also included 100 
or so
blues records. I noticed I could never buy (for my $2-$4 bids) well-known
blues artists like Waters (although I have acquired some of his 78'ss 
other sources!). Currently I own 500-600 blues 78's...including a couple of
(poor shape) Blind Lemon Jefferson discs...!

Steven C. Barr 

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