[78-L] Davis Saxaphone Octette

Julian Vein julianvein at blueyonder.co.uk
Mon Jan 31 16:48:25 PST 2011

Don Chichester wrote:
> Cameo 906:  Jig Walk1855 C-l
>                     Whose Who are You?  1856 C-l
> A hot dance group , electrically recorded c. 2/26
> Any ideas as to who the Davis Saxaphone Octette is?  Clyde Doerr?  
> Or behind some other Doerr?
> Don Chichester 		 	   		  
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ADBORAF lists:
Clyde Doerr (as, bar) dir. Andy Sanella (cl, ss, as); Maurice Pearce 
(cl, as); Gus Sharp (cl, ts); Joseph Dubin (cl, ts); Keith Pearce (bsx); 
Will Perry (p); Tony Colucci (bj); d.
New York February-March 1926

1855-C Jig Walk Cam 906, Lin 2490
1856-C Whose Who Are You Cam 906, Lin 2490

They also made some other sides for Cam/Lin.

Note the spelling of SAXOPHONE.

       Julian Vein

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