[78-L] Hell to pay

Ryan Barna ryansrecords1 at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 25 18:23:26 PST 2011

The word "hell" is mentioned in the Peerless Quartet's sketch of "New Parson at the Darktown Church" from 1908, but it's not a song.
Henry Burr sings "hell" on Columbia, "Where Is My Wandering Boy To-Night?"
As for more popular songs, Arthur Fields sings Lieut. Gitz Rice's 1918 song "We Stopped Them at the Marne" for several labels, singing "It's to hell with Germany." The American Quartet recorded it for Victor, which was assigned a catalog number and -- not surprisingly -- was cancelled before it was released.
On Columbia A2636, Arthur Fields sings an extra lyric of "You Keep Sending 'Em Over and We'll Keep Knocking 'Em Down" that wasn't printed on the sheet music: "For every American soldier who fell, we'll send a hundred Germans to HELL..."

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