[78-L] Old Soldiers Never Die

Michael Biel mbiel at mbiel.com
Sun Sep 12 22:06:46 PDT 2010

  Was there REALLY an "old barracks ballad of that day" that Gen 
MacArthur actually remembered??

When I go to check the Vaughn Monroe recording I discover that the sheet 
music says that words and music by Tom Glaser,

and I assume he is given like credit on the RCA Victor record.

The lyrics of this song could very well be an "old barracks ballad", but 
Tom Glaser isn't that old!  Unless he is just copyrighting a song that 
actually is old.  They did that a lot.

On the web there are lyrics of another song which certainly could not be 

Credited to Gene Autry, William Burch and Carl Cotner, I guess this was 
a recording Gene Autry made on Columbia.  The lyrics are all about WW II 
battles in the Pacific.

So, does anybody have reference to a song with this refrain in a source 
prior to MacArthur's speech, or one that could reliably solve that 
dilemma -- such as an explanation by Glaser in something like Sing Out 
that cites his source of the song?

Mike Biel  mbiel at mbiel.com

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