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Mon Sep 6 13:07:35 PDT 2010

It's also only a third of the symphony, and it's dubbed from the 78s. Trust 
Victor to spread that one out when it could easily have fitted on two sides, 
one movement per.

And Program Transcriptions were still in print as late as 1940, and 33RPMs were 
made for radio use and soundtrack playback and intermission music in movie 
houses and blah blah blah..


On 9/6/2010 3:16 PM, neechevoneeznayou at gmail.com wrote:
> from you-know-where:
> the item is a Victor PRogram Transcription of Stokowski conducting
> Schubert's Symphony #8. At least, I assume it is Schubert and not
> Dvorak. It was never stated exactly.
> http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=250692920631&ssPageName=ADME:B:SS:US:1123
> The seller says:
> "You are looking at one of the rarest records to exist,Most people think
> 33rpms or lps were not made until the fifties,But The Program
> Transcriptions were made in 1931 by the inventor of flat records.In
> Canada.,The records were made to replace the 78s but people were not
> able to buy the new machines/record players to play the new speed 33
> rpm.These records were made by Victor Talking Machine company of Canada
> limited,Montreal.The records were made for only one year! Victor had to
> stop making the machines and records because no one, or almost no one
> could buy the machines and new records Victor scraped the whole plan and
> almost all the records and machines were destroyed,33 rpms would not be
> made again until the fifties.
> This record was bought sometime during 1931 buy Queens University in
> Kingston Ontario,This is how I came across the record.It is one sided
> made of  a soft material just like present records.Victor had live bands
> to record these records this one is by Leopold Stokowski and the
> Philadelphia Orchestra,Symphony no.8,in B minor.
> The record number in L-11646-S.These records are so rare I could say how
> many still Around..The condition is excellent no scratches no scuffs
> When I got it it was still in its origanl cover."
> =======
> OK, so they are not so common, but I would hardly say they are the
> rarest record to exist. I would immediately think of Berliners and
> pre-dog Victors (or pre-Victor Victors) as more difficult to come by
> perhaps, or 20" Pathes, all of which were also commercially produced and
> relatively new tech in their respective days. I didn't know that Victor
> attempted to destroy all the machines and records - like they would
> waste money on that when times were tough...
> joe salerno
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