[78-L] Singing Dogs

Taylor Bowie bowiebks at isomedia.com
Sun Jul 18 00:52:49 PDT 2010

Does anyone have a complete listing of all the 78s issued by The Singing 

I just got an English issue of one I'd never seen on an American Capitol:

Barking Dog Boogie b/w Rock Around the Dogs.

The label is called either "MXA" or "NIXA"  hard to tell is it's written in 
a sort of faux Olde English script.   There is also  "PYE" device about the 
label name.  Issue number is "N.15065" which leads me to think that it must 
be "Nixa" after all.

What is surprising to me is that this is the first Singing Dogs record I've 
heard with pretty fair music.  There is some very good solo work from a sort 
of Sam Buttera-style tenor sax and very good solos from a junp band-style 
electric guitar.   Nice vibes in the ensembles,  too.

And the use of the dogs is very musical as well...far better than on their 
famous records of Jingle Bells and Oh, Suzannah.

Any info appreciated about the label in question or  about The Compleat 
Singing Dog recorded output.


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