[78-L] 78s (sort of) and Cylinders in the news

agp agp2176 at verizon.net
Fri Jul 16 12:39:31 PDT 2010

At 13:38 16/07/2010, you wrote:

>Actually I don't know if this is the same group but I sent along an 
>article about a new recording being released on cylinders 3 or 4 
>weeks ago. At the time I asked (I think I did anyway) if they were 
>being recorded individually or mass produced, since the article 
>specified "wax cylinders".

Hmm  ... I don't recall seeing that post. I think that they are being 
individually record. The cylinders are being made by a firm called 
Poppy Records:


Details on how they do it are here


The BBC news story also featured an attempt to build a cylinder 
player (as per the instructions that come with the set) out of a 
metal cone, rubber tubing, a mint tin, an a piece of beer can.

Lovely, isn't it


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