[78-L] MGM-Supertone connection?

Michael Biel mbiel at mbiel.com
Thu Jul 15 00:12:59 PDT 2010

Taylor Bowie wrote:
> Now I remember it...I have it on Harmony as by Rudy Marlow...the usual name 
> used on the Columbia dime-stores for non-vocal takes on dance sides.  Great 
> record...I clearly recall a super T Dorsey solo.  I think I'll go play it 
> 'fore I go to bed.
> Taylor

With that info I found it in the ADBD 1ed. under Ben Selvin, and see 
that the secret to the 100xxx series is that these are the instrumental 
versions of songs recorded with a vocal at the same sessions.  Selvin 
recorded this song on Aug 13,1929 on 148787 with a vocal for Columbia 
1937-D and on 100319 for Harmony 988-H.  He shows no take numbers for 
either, nor does he show any -P issues, but perhaps the new edition 
does.    It is a damn shame that he didn't see fit to include the 100xxx 
series in the Columbia discography, or have Tim Brooks at least mention 
it in the listing of series in Vol 1. 

Mike Biel  mbiel at mbiel.com 
>> Taylor Bowie wrote:
>>> Mark,
>>> Is the "How Am I To Know" side the vocal version issued on Harmony by 
>>> Jack
>>> Miller or is it a dance band version?
>> It's an instrumental, with several nice solos. Dead number is 100319
>> -- 
>> Mark L. Bardenwerper, Sr.

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