[78-L] AFRS, b'casts^.....was "this is the world's rarest record"

Michael Biel mbiel at mbiel.com
Wed Jul 14 20:52:57 PDT 2010

Robert M. Bratcher Jr. wrote:
> At 10:38 AM 7/14/2010, you wrote:
>> Don't you mean Pizza and Hofbrau?
>> Gee, I'm hungry this morning. Better go get a snack.
> Do like I did this evening. Order a pizza online from Pizza hut for 
> carryout then drive there & bring our pizza home like I did. Tasty 
> but no it's not a 78.....
I went to the all-you-can-eat pizza buffet at Mr. Gatti's this 
afternoon--the best in Kentucky.  When I'm in Brooklyn we order delivery 
of a pair of 18-inch pizzas and freeze the second for snacks.  I think 
Pizza Hut's "large" is a measly 14-inches.  Ironically we didn't find a 
really good pizza in Rome, but we did find a fairly good one in Venice.  
There's a place called American Pizza in Geneva within sight of the 
water spout.  But if you wanted vinyl pizza it was Licorice Pizza.  Not 
sure if they had shellac there.

Mike (tomorrow is Senior Buffet Thursday at Shoney's)  Biel  
mbiel at mbiel.com 

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