[78-L] Record Dating Enquiry.

Steven C. Barr stevenc at interlinks.net
Tue Jul 13 21:01:32 PDT 2010

From: "Spats" <spats47 at ntlworld.com>
> Hi Steven!
> I still use your dating book quite often! ;-)
> Thanks for the Emerson information.
> Earl Okin.
>>From: "Steven C. Barr" <stevenc at interlinks.net>
>>  > Any information gratefully accepted! ;-)
>>>  Thanks,
>>>  Earl Okin.
>>>  03034-XP. (4512.2). MENOTTI FRASCONA. Cielo E Mar.
>>>  03034-XP. (4513.2). MENOTTI FRASCONA. E Lucevan Le Stelle.
>>Emerson "-XP" ethnic series all seem to date from 1920-21; they
>>dropped the series(es) when the operation was reorganized in
>>early 1922...?!
>>>  1-5200.  (1816f). JULES GAUTIER. Ne Parle Pas.
>>>  1-5213.  (1814f). JULES GAUTIER. Elle Ne Croyait Pas.
>>Favorite records very often show dates (in a "coded" fashion;
>>I forget the exact details...also I seem to have failed to Include
>>Favorite in my DG...?!
>>Steven C. Barr
Thanxes muchly! I've only run across one of those XP Emersons;
the matrix numbers you cited are NOT in their usual series (IIRC
mine were!). Also, check the 78-L archives for more info on
Favorite; I dimly recall there having been a number of posts
on that operation. I have several of those records...!

Steven C. Barr 

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