[78-L] Silvertone label

Scott scott at mosaicrecords.com
Mon Jul 12 12:58:55 PDT 2010

Just picked up a bunch of mint Silvertone (1940 edition) 78s yesterday and
wondered if any one had info on the artists (Columbia / ARC masters).  

Scott Wenzel 

Concert Orchestra		Silvertone 500
B 25264-1	Two Hearts In 3-4 Time
B 25291-1	Speak To Me Of Love 
Concert Orchestra		Silvertone 550
WCO 26860A	Beautiful Ohio 
WCO 26861A	Let Me Call You Sweetheart 		

Concert Orchestra		Silvertone 551
WCO 26863A	Missouri Waltz
WCO 26864A	Memories

Male Quartet		Silvertone 561
B 25949-1	Silver Threads Among The Gold
B 25950-1	Love's Old Sweet Song

Richard Maxwell 		Silvertone 591
CO 28845-1	The Old Rugged Cross
CO 28846-1	In The Garden

These next four were in a Silvertone album # S 600 (with a Steinweiss cover)
entitled "Music From Hawaii": 

Hawaiian Orchestra	Silvertone 549
LA 2056A	Song of the Islands
LA 2156A	Maid of Honolulu (arr: Noble)

Hawaiian Orchestra	Silvertone 587
LA 2153A	In An Old Hawaiian Village (vocal by Gary Naihe Speare)
LA 2154A	Island Serenade

Hawaiian Orchestra	Silvertone 588
LA 2239A	Sweet Gardenia Lei (vocal by Gary Naihe Speare)
LA 2241A	Beautiful Kahana (vocal by Miulan and Dan Stewart)

Hawaiian Orchestra / Tony Martin acc.  by Mannie Klein & his Swing-A-Hulas
Silvertone 589
CLA 426A 	Naughty Hula Eyes (vocal by Dan Stewart, Buddy Silva,
Freckles Lyons and Andy Iona)
LA 1654B	My Sweetheart 


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