[78-L] 78 database

Steven C. Barr stevenc at interlinks.net
Sat Jul 3 20:26:28 PDT 2010

From: "David London" <jusmee123 at gmail.com>
> I am willing to contribute too.  What data is needed about each 78?  Maybe 
> a
> set of standard data fields should be agreed upon?
The "Abrams Files" are a text-based database file, which uses 160-byte, 
field data records. These are (IIRC) (1) ARTIST (30), TITLE (50)...five 
fields, and a final 30-byte "miscellaneous" field. While these are probably
inadequate, they at least provide a reasonably good listing of issued 78's!

The "Abrams Files" provide data on about 500,000 78's (or, by my best
estimate, around 1/6 of issued 78's...?!). Since they are the only 78
database, their format would be (IMO) the best data format for 78's...?!

It SHOULD be, at least in theory, possible to assemble a database with
data records for each and every phonorecord issued between 1889
and 1960...?!

I wonder, in fact, how many/what percentage of issued 78rpm
phonorecords are currently owned by 78L listeners...?! Keep in
mind that there were MANY firms who lasted a few (or one?)

Steven C. Barr 

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