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Like everything this label released, this is a great album.

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Subject: [78-L] San Francisco Records, wuz (I forget)
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And now, because I don't have anything better to do, I'm going to post
the entire "Technical Gibberish" note from San Francisco M-33009, "Hi-Fi
Sounds for Hounds", a grab bag of "scraps taken from other albums that
we didn't think were really necessary" and "sounds or music that we
didn't think would have general commercial appeal..not that we want you
to get the wrong idea about this album, but anyway...".






The assembled recordings were produced over a period of approximately
two years at various studios and halls and basements and gutters. No
effort was spared to find suitable locations which would faithfully
reproduce the sonic characteristics of the individual instruments or
sounds. For example, it was discovered that the hall which best captured
the dynamics of (Fred) Hage's one-man band was the hall between the
bedroom and the bathroom in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Laertes "Groove"
Joost. Unfortunately, the Joost home was demolished by the California
State Highway Commission (J. D. Smith, Director) to make room for a
freeway before the recordings could be finished. We are happy to report
that Mr. Hage suffered only minor abrasions and a small scalp lesion.
Texcel 36-B masking tape was used exclusively and an AJAX Corporation
"Steno" wire recorder with a built-in telephone tap was employed for the
master recording. Seventeen Brush crystal multi-directional microphones
model nu
 mber 37-U23, set wherever a wall met a floor or ceiling were used for
the major pick-up of the studio recordings. Field recordings were made
on the newly developed ACME (ruggedly constructed) carbon microphone,
which incidentally employ magnificent new low-hiss circuitry. All mixing
was done separately on another channel using a Hamilton Beach duo-beater
system. (Great for chocolate malts, by the way.)


San Francisco Records exclusive process F.E.-F.I.E. (Fidelity Eh?
Fidelity Isn't Everything) specifies that absolutely no limiting of the
signal be employed. This means that you have to purchase a complete new
sound system utilizing a 70-watt power amplifier, two pre-amps and a
special stroboscopic turntable with a viscous damped pickup and a
variable reluctance arm using a supra-balanced head housing a thorium
needle, and a four-channel speaker system with two fifteen-inch low end
drivers, 21 ten-inch mid-range pushers, including seven multi-cellular
pressure tweeters connected by a dual exhaust cross-over network hooked
to your power amplifier.


In order to hear the recording satisfactorily, the greater dynamic range
will be evidenced by the cracked plaster and the starboard list your
house assumes as it resettles on its foundation.


Transfer from wire to disc was made on a Mergenthaler lino-type with
heated ultra-dynamic feedback employing a Yankee cold chisel type lathe.


Pressings are pure custom reconditioned wax taken from old Edison
cylinders. Frequency reponse from 1 to 1 million cycles. Use the new
T.A.G.I.T.S.R. curve (Try and Get It To Sound Right).


Technical Data written on the typewriter at Feibush and Sons Hat
Factory, 219 Kearny Street, next to the studios of San Francisco Records
by Bob Ross.


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> Subject: Re: [78-L] Guckenheimer question, mein herr
> Both are Capitol pressings. Same master (FB 2926-D1) on side one, both copies, but TM-5 Side 2 is FB 2927-D2 and has TM-5 in the land as well.
> dl
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> > 
> > I believe that other, perhaps all, San Francisco records also appeared
> > on the Talking Machine label. I'm not sure if I have any examples like
> > this on both labels, but I think I have several TM records that had
> > earlier been on SF. Are both of your copies Capitol pressings using the
> > same masters?
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> > Mike Biel mbiel at mbiel.com
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> > Date: Wed, June 30, 2010 11:56 am
> > > Repeating the question.
> > >> Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2010 00:48:06 -0400
> > >> How come I have the Guckenheimer Sour Kraut Band's "Oom-Pah-Pah In Hi-Fi"
> > >> on two different labels? Identical artwork and liner notes, but one is
> > >> San Francisco M 33005 and the other is Talking Machine TM 5. Did any
> > >> other of San Francisco's albums appear on this other label? (1900 in
> > >> Hi Fi would have been a natural.) Different addresses shown as well..
> > >> 562 Kearny Street and 217 Kearny Street. The TM release shows
> > >> "Copyright 1957 San Francisco Record Corporation". dl
> > 
> > 
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