[78-L] Victor Continental Gems

Michael Biel mbiel at mbiel.com
Tue Jun 29 14:45:01 PDT 2010

At the Bash I picked up an undated 20 page Victor catalog titled Victor
Continental Gems which included listings of the V series singles and
showing the S series albums.  I need to find the date of this catalog,
dates of issues of the albums pictured, and confirmation that the
pictures shown are that of the album covers.

The singles are in several lists, and all of the lists are in reverse
numerical order with the highest number first.

Continental Gems  10-inch  List Price 75 cents
   V-164 down to V-1
12-inch   List Price $1.00
   V-515 down to V-500
International Novelties  10-inch  List Price 75 cents
   V-726 down to V-703
A. Outstanding Vocal Selections
   V-514, and V-150 down to V-124
B. Outstanding Dance Selections
   V-725 to V-710, V-512 to V-500, and V-154 to V-48

Albums S-10, S-11, S-12, S13, S-14, S-17, S-18, and S-19
   (there is a cover-like illustration to each of the above)

Hebrew Religious and Tradition Music
   S-100, S-101, S-102, and S-103

The rear cover shows the dog and phonograph logo with Victor over the
horn, "For best results use Victor Needles", and at the bottom  "St'd
Ph. Co. -- Form 90"  This might indicate the Standard Phonograph label
which was used for ethnic recordings, but everything in this booklet
indicates Victor.  At the lower right of the front cover there is a logo
consisting of an array of flags, two circles showing the globe of the
West and East hemispheres, a banner saying "Victor International
Records", and the dog and phono in an oval.  Higher up, the dog and
phono in a circle is below the title, and the rest of the cover is a
line drawing of a VERY attractive lady in a VERY tightfitting drum
majorette uniform with high heeled boots.  (This might spark to memory
that you also might have a copy of this catalog!)  

When was this printed, or when was V-164, V-515, V726, S-19, and S-103
issued (these are the highest numbers in the respective series.  When
were all of the albums issued, and anybody have the albums to compare
with the photos in this booklet?


Mike Biel  mbiel at mbiel.com  

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