[78-L] War/peacetime souvenirs?

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>From interviews with now retired technicians, managers and librarians working at that time
in the German record companies, we know that the situation was different from Japan. 

There was a monthly (Leg auf) that listed systematically ALL records published in Germany. 
And yet, some odd records appeared every once in a while on the market that were never 
listed there or in any company catalog, or available in record shops. 

We now know that, for example, TELDEC (TELefunken-DECca) of Hamburg pressed RCA-Victor
material on 
We now know that, for example, TELDEC (TELefunken-DECca) of Hamburg pressed licensed 
RCA-Victor material on German TELDEC label, and these records were clearly aimed at American 
GIs - and not at the German public. These records were only sold in PXs, but never to Germans. 
Many of these records had runs of 50 or 100 discs only. 

The  record companies' invoices went to a German institition called 'Amt fuer Besatzungslasten' 
(Office for the Costs of Occupation' who paid all costs incurred. In other words, the PXs could 
order freely and received the records free of charge, as a part of Germany's compensations for 
war damages. 

In this contect it may be of interest that Germany paid its last instalment for damages of the First 
World W ar in April 2010 (this year).  Was this mentioned in the U.S. media?  Compensation payments
for WW II will continue for another 50 years or more.  W ars can indeed be financially rewarding. 


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