[78-L] Time-Life sets

Robert M. Bratcher Jr. bratcher at pdq.net
Sat Apr 24 10:52:10 PDT 2010

At 08:48 AM 4/23/2010, you wrote:
>Try this:

This list is a great help as I'm missing volumes from several of the 
sets that I'm trying to finish on vinyl. Ebay, Half Price Books, 
sometimes resale shops & record collector shows is where I find the 
volumes from time to time. I remember trying to complete my Franklin 
Mint red vinyl record sets of classical & country music. Found what I 
needed thanks to Ebay!! Thing is I have no idea who pressed those red 
vinyl discs. They were heavy like perhaps 180 grams in weight.

>--- On Fri, 4/23/10, DAVID BURNHAM <burnhamd at rogers.com> wrote:
> > I'm still trying to complete my
> > collection of these sets.  My problem is I don't know how
> > many were issued.

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