[78-L] Interlude In B-Flat / Artie Shaw track

Julian Vein julianvein at blueyonder.co.uk
Fri Apr 23 10:28:59 PDT 2010

Scott wrote:
> Didn't this come out on the 2-CD "Essential Artie Shaw" that BMG released a
> few years ago. A copy, I believe, was supplied by Steven Lasker. 
> Scott Wenzel 
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Lord lists these issues:

Arthur Shaw's Swing String Ensemble:
Artie Shaw (cl) Carl Kress (g) Harry Bluestone, Emanuel "Manny" Green 
(vln) Isadore Zir (viola) Rudy Sims (cello) unknown (b), Art Stein (d)
Concert, Imperial Theatre, New York City, NY, May 24, 1936
     Interlude in B Flat    Aircheck 1, Book of Month Club 71-7715, 
Joyce 1148
Note: Group name and date from Chris Albertson's booklet notes for RCA 
Bluebird  6274-2-RB [CD].
Date previously listed as April 8, 1936.

      Julian Vein

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