[78-L] Musicians and drug use (was) Charlie Shavers and

Julian Vein julianvein at blueyonder.co.uk
Fri Apr 23 10:24:36 PDT 2010

Geoffrey Wheeler wrote:
  A friend was who writing a
> bio-discography of Bud Shank, told me when he went the rounds, no 
> publishers were interested because Bud was not only a brilliant, 
> accomplished musician, but most important—went home at night and lived 
> an otherwise boring “straight” life with his family. Some publishers 
> want sensationalism to sell books and this is why Ross Russell’s book 
> “Bird Lives” on Charlie Parker is partly novelized to make it “sell.” I 
> asked Ross and he agreed that was the case. During the late 1950s, I 
> used to see the graffiti words “Bird Lives” on subway walls. But my 
> favorite was a poster that said “Support Mental Health” on which 
> someone had added “Or I’ll Kill You!”
> _______________________________________________
I wonder if there would so much interest in Bunny Berigan or Bix, if 
they'd kept themselves clean and ended up as session men like Mannie Klein.

      Julian Vein

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