[78-L] Alvino Rey and The Kings

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Do you have that Sunbeam album of Red Nichols from the early '80s that featured them on "Hello,Frisco,Hello"?It's on the RHJ website.I have the album somewhere.

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> I was never into the Andrews Sisters and I never heard enough of the 
> Boswells to make an opinion one way or another.I did hear more of Connee 
> Boswell however.
When I was a VERY young child (about four or five) I was allowed to play my 
dad's 78's.
He had about 300 78's. including two reissued albums of the Boswell Sisters. 
Those were
among my VERY favourite discs. Since then, I have managed to acquire almost 
all of the
Boswell's discs; they remain favourites!!

Steven C. Barr 

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