[78-L] Charlie Shavers [was Vogue picture record]

Julian Vein julianvein at blueyonder.co.uk
Tue Apr 20 16:07:55 PDT 2010

Jeff Sultanof wrote:
> Sorry to disagree. A fine trumpeter as far as I'm concerned; I have many
> recordings and broadcasts when he was with Tommy Dorsey and he really
> sparked that band. Wrote some wonderful music as well.
> I like Dunham as well though. There are many trumpet players whom I listen
> to. I do think that Roy Hargrove is greatly overrated, but he is off-topic
> on this list anyway.
> Jeff Sultanof
I think the problem people find with Shavers is that he doesn't follow 
the rules, he's a jazz maverick. His earliest recordings show a Frankie 
Newton influence, then he found that he could play anything that came 
into his head, and that's the Shavers most listeners know.

Like Barney Bigard and Charlie Ventura, he was an irrepressible performer.

      Julian Vein

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