[78-L] 1st Family (was: It's BAAAACK!)

Steven C. Barr stevenc at interlinks.net
Sun Mar 7 19:41:20 PST 2010

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>>> As well, JFK's notable "accent" made
>>> it quite easy to parody his speech patterns; OTOH, virtually all of the
>>> previous presidents had the hopelessly-bland sound of the "midwest"..
>> Well, Ike and Harry, but surely not FDR
> Nor Coolidge for that matter...so I'm wondering what Steve means by
> "virtually all the previous presidents"?  Are any of them on record before
> McKinley?  Teddy R and Wilson sure didn't have bland mid-Western voices
> either.
True, they may NOT have had such; however, the concept of parodying
existing politicians by their "opponents" had yet to arise then...?!

Steven C. Barr 

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