[78-L] Investigator [was 1st Family]

Michael Biel mbiel at mbiel.com
Sun Mar 7 10:44:40 PST 2010

David Lennick wrote:
> Michael Biel wrote:
>> David Lennick wrote:
> I don't know if this one was broadcast live (most CBC Stage programs 
> were) because there's a reel to reel copy in the CBC Archives which is not from 
>   lacquers and I believe is on Scotch 111. John Drainie's own lacquers are also 
> in the archives. I have copies of one or both around here somewhere, and these 
> are the complete program, with announcements and credits.

THIS I'd like to hear, especially if you find the tape of the tape.  You 
ought to put out a CD of this.  There is a book about Canadian radio I 
got a year or two ago that gives a lot of background about the program, 
including Rubin Ship's passport problems. 

>> Last fall at the Friends of Old TIme Radio there was a panel session 
>> with the families of Bob and Ray, and Bob's widow told some stories 
>> about the reactions to the skits they did spoofing McCarthy.  They were 
>> pioneers!   I gotta remember to get the DVD of that session.  Keith 
>> Olbermann even showed up. 
> Ray also used that McCarthy voice on a number of announcements on the 10-inch 
> Unicorn LP. Wait a minute, Bob isn't dead yet..what widow?
> dl

I thought Ray, saw his face, heard his voice, but typed Bob.

Mike Biel mbiel at mbiel.com

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