[78-L] It's back and it makes threats!

Robert M. Bratcher Jr. bratcher at pdq.net
Sun Mar 7 07:28:25 PST 2010

At 11:51 PM 3/6/2010, you wrote:
>I'm not a fan of those Royal Blues myself..more prone to lam cracks and oily
>surfaces. Some of the best albums I own came out of a college library a few
>years ago, in Geneva NY..they needed the space. Most of the stuff was from a
>Carnegie Collection and much of it was unplayed. And I'm sure it was 
>going for
>something like $1 per 3 discs. The Bop Shop in Rochester alerted me to this
>sale, and they'd picked up a few nice albums which they tried to 
>sell at $15 a
>set..5 years later they were still in the display case.

I still have all those classical album sets (a whole wall worth) that 
I bought for $200 when Kurt closed his Montrose area shop many years 
ago. Some of it I've never played to this day. 

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