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Check eBay - there is a CD that has both Volumes of First Family on it.

Cary Ginell

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> Like most on this list I'm sure, I well remember the release of "The First Family" and it was a great hit and a superb characterization of the Kennedys.  Kennedy was, I believe, the first Catholic president and that issue was touched on, the US/Russian situation and the building of the Iron Curtain, the shoe stomping Kruschev etc.  What I was amazed at was the haste with which this best selling album was removed from the shelves after the assassination - like the same day -  never to reappear.  I guess one should admire the record company and the stores for not trying to exploit the morbid interest in this album which the assassination would have generated.  I knew of many people who sought a copy of this but there was none to be found anywhere.  Other classic comedy albums of the day, such as the Bob Newhart and Bill Cosby series have all been reissued but I don't think The First Family has ever appeared on CD.  I don't think issuing that album
>  today would be any more in bad taste than the running of the "Twin Towers" episode of the Simpsons which occurred regularly after 9-11, but more likely it was such a period piece that it is totally irrelevant today and would generate little interest.  Most people would have no idea what was being spoofed.
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