[78-L] It's back and it makes threats!

David Lennick dlennick at sympatico.ca
Sat Mar 6 21:29:22 PST 2010

And I have a few hundred classical albums and a few thousand singles I can't 
give away (and I need to, they're dupes and I don't have the space in the new 
house). No I'm not listing them and no I'm not shipping them.

Know what classical albums are worth, gang? Bupkes! Aside from some very choice 
rare items I've specifically wanted, like the Program Transcription version of 
Szostakowicz's (sic) First Symphony conducted by Stokowski, I haven't had to 
pay more than a couple of bucks an album in years and hundreds of them have 
been "free to good home" or "Who's going to take Paul's records?" (This from 
the widow of a Toronto collector a few years ago.)

This seller lives in a suburb of Detroit..don't think it's one that's known for 
abundant use of lead paint, but I could be wrong..


Jim Whipkey wrote:
> I've been fascinated with the earlier discussion about ;the $2,000.00  album of Pathetique,  looked at the listing, I have  two of these albums myself, I have a  lot of  classical  78  albums, inherited from the aunt of a friend many years ago.  Always regarded them as nice to have,  really heavy bunch of  weight on the shelves and floor and worth very little money.  
> In what I  thought was a friendly note to the lister which might give him a clue he didn't have a one of a kind gem,  I said "How  rare do you think this item is?  I only have two copies of the exact item you're listing.  Wish you the best of luck, think I'll get one of mine out.
> I got  a reply back from pdwiniarski  which read like this,  exactly,  the typos are not mine:  "But if I sell my rare set with original seal and no scratches records, then what.   Will you put yours on sale and for how much.  Have you ever looked into what the value would be.  So many people out there take what they think is junk and sell for pennies then other people actually buy it and sell if and make money.  You say you have two, what condition?  have they ever been played. Are you sure their identicle?  Is it a rerecording?  Scratches?  But in the future, please do not send me a question that borders rude.  I'll report you to ebay.  And I am a very nice person, I really don't deserve it."
> Obviously I  cannot reply to this  seller.   I surely do not want to be reported to ebay.  He surely scared me away, and shucks, I was thinking about buying  his $500.00 weight loss program.  Assume the  color picture he shows is  before  he lost weight, the  thin picture  looks a lot to me like  a picture of Charles Atlas  we used to see on comic books  back in the 30s and 40s.
> Jim Whipkey

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