[78-L] 1st Family

David Lennick dlennick at sympatico.ca
Sat Mar 6 21:08:25 PST 2010

Taylor Bowie wrote:
>>> Nor Coolidge for that matter...so I'm wondering what Steve means by
>>> "virtually all the previous presidents"?  Are any of them on record 
>>> before
>>> McKinley?  Teddy R and Wilson sure didn't have bland mid-Western voices
>>> either.
>>> Taylor
>> And McKinley is rendered by an actor or two, not heard in his own voice.
>> dl
> Hey,  too bad Pathe didn't make a record of McKinley talking to Babe Ruth!
> T

I'm sure Russell Hunting could have managed it. Funny, that was the voice in my 
mind when I sent the last e-mail.


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