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Sat Mar 6 20:58:48 PST 2010

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  >> I wonder if folks held onto that one as well..or broke it? I rarely find it in 
  >> thrift stores. On the other hand, "It's In the Book" still turns up everywhere 
  >> and in Canada, pressed (by Sparton) on 3 types of material..heavy shellac, 
  >> light shellac-vinyl mix, and laminated.
  >> dl

  My experience is just the opposite.  I  cannot recall  ever seeing  "It's in the Book"   anyplace.  I had a copy when it was a new record,  remember laughing as a kid  at Johnny Stanley,  it was a catch phrase  when I was young.   
  The first family, however,  I see it every now and then, have two copies.  I  recently listed   it and another album called the  "Firsta Family" on E-Bay, didn't get a nibble.    Find it pretty interesting re:  33 1/3  records.  After  sorting and cleaning  out  my  much too large collection of  lp albums, have listed a fair number of them and  sold on E-Bay.  One of my favorite  comedy albums and one I probably will never part with, was acquired  about  1972 when I stayed the night at a Holiday Inn in Brunswick, GA, the lounge entertainer was Dick Gold,  who sang and joked, much of his  routine was song parodies and one-liners.  He  sold  an LP of his  works, which I bought,   but  despite  some searching, never  found him anyplace again. Think my favorite song parody of his was  "Secret Love",  Once I had a secret love who said I didn't have to pay!
  Jim Whipkey

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