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David Lennick dlennick at sympatico.ca
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I wonder if folks held onto that one as well..or broke it? I rarely find it in 
thrift stores. On the other hand, "It's In the Book" still turns up everywhere 
and in Canada, pressed (by Sparton) on 3 types of material..heavy shellac, 
light shellac-vinyl mix, and laminated.


Don Chichester wrote:
> In the early '50s I was working part-time at a record store.  The manager told me that a new Stan Freberg 78 was about to be issued, and the Capitol rep told the store owners to buy a lot of them, pre-issue date. The record?  St. George and the Dragonet.  It sold out immediately!
> Don
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>> David Lennick wrote:
>>>>> As a matter of fact, people stopped listening to the album after the
>>>>> assassination, Volume 2 was withdrawn, and sales of comedy albums were
>>>>> dismal for the next fifteen years.
>> I disagree. Cosby, Newhart and Smothers Bros were big sellers. I see 
>> no real lasting continuing sales of Steve Martin. They went up and down 
>> the charts like pop records. Of course Cosby and Newhart started their 
>> careers while JFK was still alive, but they never stopped selling.
>>> Don't have sales figures, but I hardly ever run across even Richard Pryor's 
>>> more popular albums in the Goodwill. Or for that matter Bob Newhart or Bill 
>>> Cosby. Rusty Warren, yes.
>>> dl
>> As for Cosby and Newhart, I think we have the Caruso effect. These are 
>> the albums they save when they throw the others out. I worked for a 
>> rack jobber record distrubutor in 66 and 67 and can tell you that the 
>> sales of Cosby were HUGE, and Newhart and Smothers Bros were good. We 
>> sold very few Jon Winters, Tom Lehrer, Mort Saul, Shelly Berman, Dave 
>> Gardner, Myron Cohen. Homer & Jethro and others that were on the major 
>> labels. But 5 albums of Cosby and perhaps 2 or so each of Newhart and 
>> Snothers Brios were always in our top 120 album sales lists. (We 
>> didn't rack Warren, Foxx, or Pryor.) We had a lot on Nichols & May in a 
>> huge Mercury overstock sale.
>> Mike Biel mbiel at mbiel.com
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