[78-L] Rolling Stones question ^

agp agp2176 at verizon.net
Sat Mar 6 09:42:32 PST 2010

At 16:54 06/03/2010, KS wrote:
>The first Rolling Stones single, "Come On" (Decca F 11675) was issued on
>June 7, 1963.
>But the likelihood of an Asian or South American or South African 78 rpm
>pressing of a British groups' first single, is not very high.

I agree in this case, it being 1963 -- but the likelihood of later 
releases, beginning with their cover of I Wanna be Your Man through 
Heart of Stone is higher. The most liked places would be in Asia

All of that aside though, as I said, I find it curious that I really 
have never come across any Decca acts of say, 1964, on 78. Even some 
of the more obscure Pye acts showed up on 78 in the Philippines, so I 
don't see the first release angle as being a big issue in 1964. At 
the time anything remotely British was hot. The question begs to be 
answered .. what happened to UK Decca in those markets.

A Decca 78 by the Stones would, IMHO, top the price of any of the 
Beatles' releases.


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