[78-L] Misterioso label

Julian Vein julianvein at blueyonder.co.uk
Fri Mar 5 08:40:26 PST 2010

In the early 1980s an English label called Misterioso issued four LPs 
which included many previously unknown takes from New Jazz/Prestige by 
Don Lanphere, Wardell Gray, Al Haig and Leo Parker. They were also 
unknown to Michel Ruppli when he was compiling his Prestige discography, 
and had to be included in additions.

Rare Live Recordings ("Complete Last Studio Session") has recently 
issued a Navarro CD, which includes the Lanphere (September 20, 1949) 
sides, but claims some (incomplete) takes are previously unissued. They 
aren't of course, they were included on the Misterioso set.

Where were these recordings residing for 30 years that they remained 
unknown? Were they originally on tape or 16" safeties?

Rare Live Recordings have let us down somewhat this time. One, because 
of the claim about unissued material and, two, because most of the 
titles on the CD don't fall into the "rare live" category. It does 
include three live recordings, but only one is rare.

       Julian Vein

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