[78-L] Line-up for Oh, Monah!

Julian Vein julianvein at blueyonder.co.uk
Tue Mar 2 15:06:39 PST 2010

Jeff Lichtman wrote:
> Can someone give me the line-up for Oh, Monah! by the Carolina Cllub 
> Orchestra (Melotone M 12364)? The on-line discography gives the 
> recording date as April 21, 1932, but I can't find it in Rust. I'm 
> pretty sure it's Hal Kemp.
> Thanks.
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It's Gene Kardos (from Lord 10.0):

Gene Kardos
Chick Bullock (vcl) added.
New York, April 21, 1932

11739    Oh ! Mo'nah (cb,dr vcl)    Melotone M12364, 91340, Perfect 15603

Note:  M12364 as "Carolina Club Orchestra"; 91340 as Duke Wilson and his 
Ten Black Berries.
Perfect 15603 as "Gene's Merrymakers".

It should have Chick Bullock and Dick Robertson as vocalists.

      Julian Vein

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