[78-L] Who's the vocalist?

Taylor Bowie bowiebks at isomedia.com
Tue Mar 2 11:37:23 PST 2010

I'd eliminate Frank Marvin.  I have plenty of his stuff on well-recorded 

Heck,  pretty soon we won't have any names left to consider!  I'm still 
inclined to Luther,  but not with a ton of conviction.


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> It isn't Lambert.  "Rodman Lewis" on youtube says it isn't, and he  should
> know.  ;-)
> It isn't James or Luther.   Is it Frankie Marvin?  I can't  say.  I don't
> know his voice.
> pc
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> I was  about to say the same thing, but in ADBD it's listed as Victor 
> 24206
> and
> Scrappy Lambert. Frankie Marvin, Frank Luther and Lewis James are on
> sessions
> prior to this  one.
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