[78-L] Gennett's Catholic Engineer

Bill Knowlton udmacon1 at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 1 05:20:24 PST 2010

"the book says he didn't quit permanently, however. But your last 
phrase is confusing. Revenge to who? Or what? By who? The records 
were made, and now do exist. Is it the revenge that the records have 
outlived the influence of the Klan? The revenge that those that the 
Klan hated are now more powerful than they were?"

Mr, Biel...um...(1) KKK wanted to make a record for Gennett


                    (2) Gennett's engineer was also was a Roman Catholic.


                    (3) KKK happened to hate Roman Catholics


                    (4) Roman Catholic engineer refused to record for them            


                    (5) Revenge? Well, maybe "walkout to protest KKK bigotry" would have been more accurate. And his "revenge" was that the KKK would not benefit from his professional talents.  


Wow you go out on a limb at times! Sheesh!!



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