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Hey, you forgot "Behind Those Swinging Doors" by Spike Jones.

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Subject: [78-L] Booze in the night
This is something I found in an old file while doing a cleanout. I think
someone had asked for suggestions for a CD compilation or 17..somewhat
as we approach the end of the year. DL
Scotch and Soda..Charlie Barnet
Cocktails for Two..Duke Ellington
Riffin' the Scotch..Benny Goodman
Bring Another Drink..King Cole Trio
Rum and Coca Cola..Andrews Sisters
When I Been Drinking..Rosetta Howard
Drink to me Only With Thine Eyes....Maxine Sullivan
Beer Barrel Polka..Andrews Sisters
More Beer..Andrews Sisters
Pound Your Table Polka..Mary Martin with Horace Heidt (is this about booze?)
Show Me the Way to Go Home - Les Brown or the Andrews Sisters
Shoot the Likker to me John Boy
Was I Drunk - Georgia White
Beer Garden Blues - Clarence Williams
How Dry I Am
Little Brown Jug - Glenn Miller
Pink Elephants
Ten Little Bottles in the Sink..Mel Blanc
We'll Never Get Drunk Anymore
What Shall We Do With the Drunken Sailor
Drunk - Jimmy Liggins
Sloppy Drunk - Sleepy John Estes
What's the Use Gettin' Sober (When You're Gonna Get Drunk Again) - Louis
Let's Get Drunk and Truck - Harlem Hamfats
Blues 'n Booze (Art Hodes)
Scotch And Water (Stan Kenton)
Gin Mill Special"
"Knockin' a Jug"
"Feelin' no  pain"?
"Gimme a Pigfoot and a  Bottle of Beer"
Drinkin' Wine Spo-de-Odee".
"Only a glass of champagne";
"One for my  baby".
"Cigareets 'n' whusky 'n' while while wimmin".
"Blue Champagne"
"Moonlight Cocktail".
One scotch, one bourbon, one beer - Amos Milburn
Whiskey & Gin- Johnnie Ray
Over a Bottle of Wine - Tony martin
Rye Whiskey - Tex Ritter
There's a Tear in my Beer - Hank Williams
Bubbles in the Wine - Lawrence Welk
Here I am Drunk Again - Lattie Moore
Who Threw the Whiskey in the Well - Lucky Millinder
There's A Tear In My Beer Tonight - Hoosier Hot Shots
Sloppy Drunk Blues - Bogan, Leroy Carr, a.o.
Sloppy Drunk Woman
Sloppy Drunk Again - Walter Davis
"A Pink Cocktail For A Blue Lady" Hildegarde (and others)
"Clink, Clink, Another Drink" Spike Jones
"The Beer I Left on the Bar"  Vaughn Monroe
"The Lady Drinks Champagne" Johnny Ray
"Bloodshot Eyes"..Wynonie Harris
Ambrose - Champagne Cocktail
Whoopee John Wilfahrt - In Heaven There Is No Beer
Moonshine Lullaby..Ethel Merman
Spiked Beer....Lawrence Welk
Dry Martini.....Jack Pettis
"Shut Up and Drink Your Beer," Merle Travis, also done by Luke Wills' Rhythm
Busters on King.
The Guy at the End of the Bar..Harry's Tavern Band/Billy Murray
  (also Sherman Stewpot, whoever he is)
I Love My Whiskey (Bill Broonzy) (I have this)
Bad, Bad Whiskey (Wynonie Harris, IIRC)
One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer (the original...I think this was John Lee
    and I think pre-1953)
Beer Drinking Woman (I think I have this, but don't recall the artist)
Wine, Wine, Wine (Floyd Dixon, IIRC...I have this one)
Hey, Bartender (Floyd Dixon)
I'm Tore Up (song is about drinking...one line runs "My head is ragged as a
    comb with no teeth!")
Whisky Headed Buddies Jazz Gillum
Keep On' Drinkin' Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup
"My Name Is Morgan, But It Ain't JP" (Edison 2 minute wax by??)
"Under The Anheiser Bush" Billy Murray
"The Alcoholic Blues" Billy Murray
"Sahara We'll Soon Be Dry Like You" Billy Murray
"Everyone Wants a Key to My Cellar" Ed Meeker (?)
"Ten Little Bottles" Bert Williams
"I'm Afraid To Come Home In The Dark" Billy Murray
"What Are You When The Whole Town Goes Dry" Billy Murray
"Prohibition Blues" Nora Bayes
Every Day Will be Sunday (When The Town Goes Dry) - Ed Meeker
Dinnie Donohue on Prohibition - Wm Cahill (Edison)
I've Been Floating Down The Old Green River - Billy Murray (Edison)
Alcoholic Blues - Billy Murray (Victor) or Vernon Dalhart (Edison)
The Moon Shines On The Moonshine - Bert Williams
Just A Little Drink - Paul Whiteman (Victor)
I Married the Bootlegger's Daughter..Frank Crumit
All The Boys Love Mary..Van & Schenck
Hello Montreal..Fred Waring
Show Me The Way To Go Home - Jones & Hare (Edison)
"My Canary Has Circles Under His Eyes"
How're You Gonna Wet Your Whistle
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