[78-L] When a garden variety cartridge just won't do

Howard Friedman hsf318 at comcast.net
Sun Nov 2 23:55:47 PST 2008


seems like this one is what you want, 78rpm and all.


>>170ds77 Astatic N83 Replacement Needle Details

>>Astatic N83 & N84 #170ds77 (diamond/saphire) replacement needle for 
>>33/45rpm records. If you need for 78rpm also, be sure to select the 
>>w/78rpm option. Note: If you want to mix options (buy 1 or more of one 
>>type and 1 or more of another), make your inital selection and add to your 
>>cart, then return to the item, make your selection and add that item your 
>>w78rpm: Please Select...With 78rpm (DS73) (+3.00)

>>List Price: 19.95
Price: $18.00 <<

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>> Hope I'm not in the wrong church, but I think I've got the right pew --  
>> or
>> is it the other way round?.  SOMEONE was asking about Astatic needle
>> replacements.  Try the website
>> http://www.garage-a-records.com/products.php?cat=17
> Can't tell...I sent them a message asking about my N8-3d needle; their
> site cites am N8-7d (the .7 mil stereo version), but then allows one to
> select "78rpm only"...?! The 78 version, of course, is the N8-*3*d...?!
> I'll see what they have to say...?!
> ...stevenc
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